FRΞITAS @web3culture
If I could summarize my experience with Molls, Gem, and OneMinding community in one word, it would be organic. My OneMinding journey began in April 2022, while scrolling twitter and seeing a RT of a twitter spaces by CryptoBirb. I had just gone through a dragged-on relationship break-up and knew I had towork on myself to move on as soon as possible. A week before I listened to my first OneMinding, I had paid for two therapy sessions (a first for me at 30 years old) with a traditional therapy service provider that offers a 1 on 1 session with a therapist “matched” for me based on a set of questions I answered. I was open to anything, and glad I was, because I quickly realized the difference between OneMinding’s understanding of the three principles versus what a traditional therapy service provider can offer. One challenges yourself and promotes self-responsibility, while the latter promotes dependency on someone else. I asked myself, which feels more natural, or organic? Which is telling me to think more for myself? Which is telling me I can take control of my emotions by dedicating myself to practice an understanding, and which isn’t? Which is accessible to me whenever I want it, and which is only available to me when I make a payment? Which offers a community of like-minded people that I can learn with? 8 months later and thousands of minutes listened to OneMinding, I feel more in control of my opinions, beliefs, and behaviors than ever before. I look forward to each new episode on Thursday and treat this as my “therapy”. Therapy in quotations because it doesn’t feel like a therapy. Rather a weekly reminder to not forget that I am in control of my thoughts, thinking isn’t always real, and nothing on the outside can affect me on the inside. Slowly, but surely, I am getting to a point that I am observing and challenging my thinking less and less. Something Molls has always described as something that will happen naturally as you dedicate yourself to the understanding. By no means was this easy, and some days or weeks are better than the others. That doesn’t matter though, I feel a sense of freedom and detachment from my ego for the first time. I owe a huge thank you to Molls, Gem, and the OneMinding community. 7.5 billion people can take advantage of this understanding, organically.
I wanted to say thank you for what you and Gem are doing with OneMinding and wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you both. I may not talk a lot about my own personal situation on twitter much but you are absolutely helping not only myself but many others. I've been through a lot in my short 34 years on this planet so far from being shot at on multiples occasions including actually having been shot twice. I grew up pretty rough and a trouble maker but was able to get my life turned around and back in order but I still deal with mild PTSD, panic attacks and treatment resistant anxiety and I have to say that OneMinding has giving me a completely new outlook when it comes to my anxiety and my past. I was able to see that It's all just thought! I realized that the more I thought about the troubles, the more anxiety and issues I had essentially created just by thought. OneMinding has done a lot for me.. It's like my weekly reset and It's good to know and hear that I am not alone and even though our troubles may be different we are all here together. OneMinding helps to put me back in check each week. I also want to thank you so much for what you and OneMinding do!
I wanted to thank you again for encouraging me to listen to the recording. I listened to episode one last night, and everything you said resonated so loudly. "Trying to cure your mind with your mind is adding more to your mind." That quote stuck with me. While it's such a simple point, it makes all the sense in the world. I've been doing this ever since I can remember, and all it's done is add more crap on top of the crap I was dealing with in the first place… and the cycle continues. I also liked that you mentioned not taking ownership of a mental health issue, not calling it mine. So, I am not a catastrophizer, the thoughts that run through my mind can sometimes be catastrophic. After listening, I caught myself saying to myself, "Yeah, and that was just a thought" after a negative thought crossed my mind. Then the thought was gone. Like it never happened. I don't even remember what the thought was. I see the value in this technique, if you call it that, and I am curious to see where I can go with it. So, thank you again.
I have listened in to Molls and Gem over the last 6 months or so and have found so many aspects of their sessions useful to me in over coming various mental health issues - massive thanks to them both for providing this space to listen, think and reflect.
I appreciate what you do for us. thank you.
"You've helped, indirectly, through my darkest times. Thanks. A lot."
Another thought provoking hour on OneMinding, with @mollsoneminding & @gemsays. A great way to let go of the daily grind and clear your mind.
The work that @mollsoneminding and @gemsays are doing to support mental health in the crypto space is extremely important and needed now more than ever.