Samantha Hurst


In 2013, Samantha Hurst, also known as Molls, embarked on a journey that would change her life forever. After going through a difficult period, she discovered The Three Principles, which made a profound impact on her mental health and overall well-being. Prior to this, Molls had been working in natural health, where she was a qualified Naturopath and a trusted counsellor for her clients. Her travels around the world had also led her to study under some of the most renowned spiritual teachers, such as Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Krishnamurti and more.

When Samantha was introduced to The Three Principles, she experienced a significant transformation that gave her a deeper understanding of all she had studied previously. She delved headfirst into the principles, learning from the likes of Dr Dicken Bettinger and Dr Keith Blevens, among other notable teachers. As she saw the power of the The Three Priniciples in her life and in others, she felt inspired to share her insights with others seeking guidance.

She now has an international client list and has spoken at conferences, offering both online and in-person consultations and immersions. She is a registered member of the 3PGC, the governing body of The Three Principles.  Samantha’s passion for sharing her knowledge motivated her to join forces with Gem in 2021. Together, they created OneMinding, which started as a project to share these teachings with the world. If you're interested in learning more about Molls you can visit her website at
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Gemma Ramsden


Gem has been working with Molls and exploring The Three Principles understanding for around three years. During this time she had some life-changing insights and felt compelled to let other people know about this new way of being after struggling with her own mental health issues for many years.

Gem had a very successful career in sales management and training roles across the UK before finding her place in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2017. Freedom has always been very important to Gem in both the mental and physical worlds and cryptocurrency was a great fit for her. She has built up a loyal following in the world of social media and has hosted talks and webinars within the space.

When Molls came to her to ask her to be her co-host for a new project to share with the world with what they had found, she knew this was the path she wanted to take. Her passion for people as well as her desire to make the world a better place made her perfect for this project and for helping those in need. From there, OneMinding was born...